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Legacy Lake Project

Legacy Lake

The Legacy Lake initiative was designed to develop a visible and lasting tribute to the unsung heroes of Alabama A&M University, the “First Ladies,” at the site of the natural lake on campus. This site has been enhanced to create a “Legacy Lake” in tribute to all First Ladies of Alabama A&M University, past and present. These distinguished women include: Mrs. Maria Weeden Howard Councill, Mrs.Ida Councill Buchanan, Mrs. Susan Whitfield Parker, Mrs. Anne Quick Drake, Mrs. Ethel Williams Morrison, Mrs. Beatrice Mitchell Covington, Mrs. Earlene Ovletre Henson, Mrs. Voncile Pierce Gibson and Mrs. Abbiegail Hamilton Hugine.

Individuals and organizations still have an opportunity to make contributions and/or purchase stones or brick pavers. Previous donors have purchased benches to pay tribute to each of the former First Ladies. All proceeds from a luncheon and the lake events are placed in a special scholarship fund for students who exemplify the A&M spirit of service.

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