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Normalite Walkway Pavers Project

Alabama A&M University’s Bulldog Pride Committee recently presented President Andrew Hugine, Jr., a check in the amount of $50,000, the initial contribution stemming from a major campus beautification project aimed at fostering community-wide pride in the historic institution.

The Normalite Walkway Pavers Project is an integral part of long-running construction and renovation to The Quad in the center of the AAMU campus.

Because the AAMU family was successful in garnering assistance from thousands of individuals to participate in a previous Home Depot HBCU “Retool Your School” contest targeting beautification efforts, the pavers project benefitted from plans to upgrade the busy Quadrangle. Wide walkways, lined with brick pavers, will intersect at a huge AAMU logo.

AAMU family and friends can still participate in making themselves and other loved ones a permanent part of the Normalite Walkway by purchasing a paver that can be engraved with name, graduation date, class, or the name of a loved one or some other important but space-limited information.

Project coordinators have called the project an opportunity “to support the University” and to become an integral part of the University’s history by having names permanently engraved in the walkway. Contributions made to purchase the pavers are tax-deductible, and the proceeds from the sale of the pavers will be used for scholarships for deserving students.

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