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Character Trait Winners

Every year The Bulldog Pride Customer Service Committee recognizes individuals who exhibit a particular character trait assigned to the current month. Each division is invited to nominate an administrator, a faculty, a staff or a student from the AAMU Family who exhibits this characteristic. A group of independent judges will read the responses and make a selection and winners will be announced at the beginning of the following month.

Character Trait Winners


JANUARY 2015 – “Attentiveness”
Staff: Mary Monroe
Student: Princess Davis

FEBRUARY 2015 – “Flexibility”
Administrator: Dr. Daniel Wims
Staff: Carla Holloway
Student: Rave Chapple


FEBRUARY 2014 – “Innovative”
Administrator: Dr. Chance Glenn
Faculty: Dr. Mohammad Robbani
Staff: Ms. Shannon Thrasher
Student: Marion Epperson

MARCH 2014 – “Loyalty”
Administrator: Dr. Jonaid Sharif
Faculty: Sadguna Anasuri
Staff: Connie Mack

OCTOBER 2014 – “Persuasiveness”
Administrator: Dr. Barbara Jones
Faculty: Dr. Wing Chan
Staff: Lindsey Sheckles
Student: Princess Savis

NOVEMBER 2014 – “Resourcefulness”
Faculty: Sadguna Anasuri
Staff: Larry Childers
Student Group: AAMU ROTC Battalion
Unit: President’s Office


JANUARY 2013 – “Devoted”
Faculty: Charlotte Teague
Staff: Diann Anderson

FEBRUARY 2013 – “Charitable”
Faculty: Freddie Stewart

MARCH 2013 – “Reliable”
Faculty: Dr. Dianne Leisher
Staff: Lina McClellan

APRIL 2013 – “Stewardship”
Student Group: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Gamma Mu Chapter

OCTOBER 2013 – “Patience”
Faculty: Dr. Ruby Jewell

NOVEMBER 2013 – “Aspiring”
Faculty: Dr. Anup Sharma


FEBRUARY 2012 – “Cheerfulness”
Faculty: Joanne McLinn
Staff: Connie Mack
Student: Brooke Sims, April Broaden

MARCH 2012 – “Courteous”
Staff: Beverly Taylor
Student: Javarius Chandler

APRIL 2012 – “Self-Worth”

SEPTEMBER 2012 – “Dedication”
Faculty: Dr. Fred Bigheno
Staff: Cary Watkins
Student: Akilah Oliver

OCTOBER 2012 – “Genuine”
Faculty: Dr. Florence Okafor
Staff: Rhonda Whitman
Student: Richard Rochelle

NOVEMBER 2012 – “Trustworthiness”
Staff: Deborah Gordon


JANUARY 2011 – “Kindness”
Faculty: Dr. Patrick Hawley
Staff: Sheryl Foreman

FEBRUARY 2011 – “Self-Respect”
Faculty: Melinda Westbrook, Linda Holloway

MARCH 2011 – “Compassion”
Staff: Pamela Thompson

APRIL 2011 – “Diligence” Staff: Cedric Arrington Dwayne Green Mila Sangalang

SEPTEMBER 2011 – “Generosity”
Administrator: Dr. Juarine Stewart
Faculty: Linda Holloway
Staff: Monica Clark, Carla Holloway

OCTOBER 2011 – “_______”
Faculty: Wiley Henderson
Staff: Niels Dormer


JANUARY 2010 – “Sincerity”
Administrator: Dr. Edward Jones
Faculty: Alfreda Handy-Sullivan
Staff: Mary Mosley
Student: Brandon Brown

FEBRUARY 2010 - “Respect”
Faculty: Carla Davis
Staff: Diane Banks
Student: Cherina Griffin
Student Group: Phi Beta Sigma
Unit: President’s Office

MARCH 2010 – “Honesty”
Administrator: Dr. Mattie Thomas
Faculty: Katina Walton
Staff: Tericka Washington
Student: Larry Powers
Unit: School of Education

APRIL 2010 – “Self-Control”
Faculty: Dr. Jeanette Jones
Staff: Dr. A. Leslie Evelyn
Unit: Office of Financial Aid

MAY 2010 – “Cleanliness”
Administrator: Dr. Jannie Carter
Staff: Hanna Mamo
Student: Johnathan Bibb

SEPTEMBER 2010 – “Citizenship”
Faculty: Dr. Leatha Bennett
Staff: Angela Crum
Student: Brandon Brown

OCTOBER 2010 – “Patriotism”
Student: Jessica Allen
Brittany B. Christian
Cyrus A. English
Eric K. Hudson
Ciera N. Jackson
Andre R. Matthews
Ernesia D. Wideman
Student Group: AAMU ROTC Battalion

NOVEMBER 2010 – “Courage”
Faculty: Dr. Jacqueline Johnson